Cahit Ezel


Cahit Ezel has been working as the Coordinator for Eastern Mediterranean University Institutional Development and International Academic Affairs Office since its establishment in November 2014.  He is also the Programme Coordinator of the University of Warwick WMG Master's Programme at EMU. After completing his BSc in Economics at the Eastern Mediterranean University (1990), Ezel went on to obtain an MBA in Business Administration at the same institution (1993) before going to England to receive a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) at the Imperial College (formerly known as Wye College), University of London (1999). He is currently a PhD Candidate at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Eastern Mediterranean University.  Having worked in an array of committees and units at Eastern Mediterranean University, Ezel currently provides services as a Senior Instructor at the Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality Management. During his academic career, Ezel has contributed to numerous projects and attended a number of training programs. His special interest areas are internationalisation of higher education, developing international partnerships and strategic planning at higher education institutions.  Ezel is a member of EAIE and travels extensively in the Middle-east and Europe.

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